EvenMidi 3U – Model euEM


The limited edition Eurorack version of the 2EM pedal controller for Eventide, Strymon and other midi controllable effect processors or synthesizers.

10 channel CV to midi controller with presets matching the H9,  Strymon Volante, Kilpatrick Redox and more
10 controls for CV offset
10 CV inputs to animate those controls
10 attenuverters to limit the CV positively or negatively
Up to 4 Midi devices can be controlled simultaneously in live-mode
VSTs, external synths and everything else that takes midi in can be controlled directly by the CV of your Eurorack system

6 banks , 4 loaded with presets, 4 user configurable.

MIDI CC, Note ON/OFF, Velocity, Aftertouch and TImecode generation from LFOs, pulses or any other signal

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