EvenMidi 4U – Model 2EM


Rackmount midi encoder tailored to Eventide, Strymon and other midi controllable effect processors or synthesizers.

Pairs excellently with the 2H9 4U module but also controls any midi CC driven unit , external or VST synth and effect

10 channel CV to midi controller with presets matching the H9,  Strymon Volante, Kilpatrick Redox Strymon BigSky/TimeLine and more
10 controls for direct control of any mapped parameter
10 CV inputs to animate those controls
10 attenuverters to scale the incoming CV positively or negatively

Expression pedal input for hands free control

Up to 4 Midi devices can be controlled simultaneously in live-mode
VSTs, external synths and everything else that takes midi in can be modulated directly by the CV of your Buchla system

6 banks , 5 loaded with presets, 4 user configurable.

MIDI CC, Note ON/OFF, Velocity, Aftertouch and MIDI CLOCK generation from LFOs, pulses or any other signal.

Latest Firmware


How to update the 2EM


  1. Turn off the rack and remove the module.
  2. Carefully remove the blue electronic board (MCU) from the module (otherwise the program will not transfer) and note which way the USB port was pointing
  3. Plug in a Mini USB cable, Windows will install the CH340 driver automatically or install the provided driver
  4. Install the EvenMidi XLoader software.
  5. Download the latest version of the EvenMidi firmware.
  6. Launch the software, choose Duemilanove / Nano (ATmega328). Load the .hex (firmware), choose the newly assigned USB port
  7. Upload and wait for the update confirmation message.
  8. Now that your MCU is up to date, you can remove the USB cable and put it back in.

Be aware that your custom user presets might get lost in the process.

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