Terms & Conditions

The following general terms and conditions describe and regulate the conditions for commercial transactions of and with Northern Light Modular. In case of legal complications legal jurisdiction is exercised by the Republic of Ireland.

Northern Light Modular’s aim and business is design, customisation and realisation of sales of our products. Our products are custom electronic musical instruments for art and performance. Our product range depends on availability of material and current designs, so that we reserve the right to change it anytime. The sales area basically is Europe and the world.

Northern Light Modular sells customisation services to end-consumers.

Northern Light Modular does only provide help for building kits manufactured by us. We share alike as agreed per license, but we do not have the resources to provide further support if you decide to replicate the designs.

In regards to the DIY kits available through Northern Light Modular :

  1. You, the customer, agree that once the supplied pcb and panel is unpacked in any way and contact is made between any part of it with any tool (including but not limited to Soldering iron, snips, pliers, screwdriver , wire cutters) that the successful construction, safe powering and necessary calibration of that kit is purely your responsibility.
  2. While the successful construction, safe powering and necessary calibration of that kit is purely your responsibility we do provide build support via mail, chat, FB group and debugging advice . We provide this wherever possible, within the limits of our experience and knowledge and at the speed our busy work schedule allows. We still can not guarantee you will end up with a working device though.
  3. We limit the kit purchase to 2 per order – we do maintain stock for Panels and PCB for DIY but waiting time can occur.

An Order still can be cancelled by us, if a change in the development of the commercial transaction occurs. For example this can happen if a part provider does not deliver, delivery delays or the quality of the parts changes in a significant manner. If the customer has prepaid the goods we will reach an agreement whether the amount of money will be credited for the customer or transferred to the customers´ bank account

Payment is NOT requested immediately – The PayPal transaction is purely an authorisation and no money is being moved until we are close to a finished product.
We build and ship in the order of payments received.
We try to produce your order as soon as possible , limited by the availability of the PCB, electronic parts and the testing procedure.
The normal timeframe for a custom build is 2-3 weeks without hold ups.
But in times of COVID-19 all bets are off.
We experience delivery delays of almost all our parts so right now we can only say “It’s done when it’s done ”

Any kind of payment is not effective until the full amount of money is on our bank account. The extended reservation of property rights applies to all of our commercial transactions, which means that the goods stay property of Northern Light Modular until complete payment through the customer.

We ship our items tracked and fully insured only.
PO BOX addresses are used entirely at the risk of the customer. If your PO BOX does not accept parcels which require a signature OR does not accept parcels from couriers (FedEx, UPS etc) please do not enter it. If a parcel is rejected by a PO BOX address we will wait for it to be returned to us and cannot intervene in the process. The customer is always liable for the re shipping cost due to a failed PO BOX delivery, regardless of the reason given, and even if the original shipment was sent with no shipping cost paid by the customer.

Checking goods immediately after receipt is highly recommended in addition to report possible damages to the deliveryman / shipping company and/or Northern Light Modular, so that we can find a solution for the problem as soon as possible. Delayed report of transport damages causes exclusion of liability through the shipping company. Default of acceptance is equal to acceptance of shipment.

Any pictures, texts and other advertising material used for promotion is generally our intellectual property. It may only be used, forwarded or copied exempt from charges with our definite authorisation. In case of use our authorship has to be mentioned in a definite way.

We are not legally liable for any damages of goods which we did not cause or which where unforeseeable.

We take our customers privacy seriously. We will never sell or give any information you provide to us to a third party. We adhere to EU laws on the protection of customers personal data .

We do not store or collect our customers financial details. We securely accept PayPal payments only without capturing or storing card or any other financial information on our website.
Payment information is collected by PayPal using a secure inline frame inside our website.

Northern Light Modular has been granted authorisation to offer customs product for sale.

Module 2OC and 2TT :

The schematic for the o_C module is copyright M. Stadler and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

The Gerber files for the various versions of the o_C PCBs are copyright M. Stadler and are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

Anyone wishing to use the o_C schematic to create a derivative version of the o_C module hardware is welcome to do so provided that you observe the requirements of the CC-BY-NC-SA license.

More info on the Ornament and Crime hardware and software licensing : http://ornament-and-cri.me/licensing/

More Info on the Temps Utile hardware and software licensing : https://github.com/mxmxmx/temps_utile-/blob/master/LICENSE.md

More info on the Mutable Instruments licensing : Code (AVR projects): GPL3.0 – Code (STM32F projects): MIT license – Hardware: cc-by-sa-3.0 – By: Emilie Gillet (emilie.o.gillet@gmail.com)